Martin Marietta Materials Inc (MLM) Company Profile

Martin Marietta Materials, Inc., incorporated on November 12, 1993, is a supplier of aggregates products (crushed stone, sand and gravel) for the construction industry, used for the construction of infrastructure, non-residential, and residential projects. The Company operates through three businesses: Aggregates Business, Cement Business and Magnesia Specialties Business. The Company conducts its Aggregates business through three segments: the Mid-America Group, Southeast Group, and West Group. The Company’s Cement business operates through the Cement segment. The Company’s Magnesia Specialties segment includes its magnesia-based chemicals and dolomitic lime businesses. Its Aggregates Business is engaged in mining, processing and selling granite, limestone, sand, gravel and other aggregate products. Its Cement business is engaged in producing Portland and specialty cements. In addition, aggregates products are used for railroad ballast and in agricultural, utility and environmental applications.

Aggregates Business

The Company’s Aggregates Business sells granite, limestone, sand, gravel and other aggregate products for use in all sectors of the public infrastructure, non-residential and residential construction industries, as well as agriculture, railroad ballast, chemical and other uses. The Aggregates business also includes the operation of other construction materials businesses. Its businesses, located in the West Group, include asphalt, ready mixed concrete, and road paving operations in Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Texas, and Wyoming. The Company’s Aggregates business ships and delivers aggregates, asphalt products and ready mixed concrete from a network of approximately 400 quarries, underground mines, distribution facilities, and plants to customers in over 40 states, Canada and the Bahamas. The Company operates over 10 active underground mines, located primarily in the Mid-America Group, and is an operator of underground limestone aggregate mines in the United States. The Company has entered into long-term agreements with shipping companies to provide ships to transport the Company’s aggregates to various coastal ports.

Cement Business

The Company’s Cement Business owns over 600 million tons of limestone reserves adjacent to its over two cement production plants in Texas. The Company has over two production facilities, one located in Midlothian, Texas, south of Dallas/Fort Worth, and the other located in Hunter, Texas, between Austin and San Antonio. In addition to these production facilities, the Company also operates over three cement distribution terminals in Texas. The Cement business sells cement to customers in over 10 states and Mexico.

Magnesia Specialties Business

The Company manufactures and markets, through its Magnesia Specialties Business, magnesia-based chemical products for industrial, agricultural, and environmental applications, and dolomitic lime for use primarily in the steel industry. Its chemical products have different uses, including flame retardants, wastewater treatment, pulp and paper production, and other environmental applications. Its Magnesia Specialties business has entered into a venture with Dow Chemical Company (Dow) to construct, own and operate a processed brine supply pipeline becoming an advocare distributor between the Magnesia Specialties facility in Manistee, Michigan, and Dow’s facility in Ludington, Michigan.