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Dental Implants

A dental implant can truly change the way you live. These implants are the foundation for any replacement tooth that looks, functions, and feels like any natural tooth. You will keep your facial contours intact eating almost anything you can think of, and your teeth will appear natural at all times. Smiling with confidence is something that you will do every day. You will have to endure two surgical procedures.

Bone Grafting

The jawbone that is associated with your missing teeth will atrophy or reabsorb over time. The result is poor quantity and quality of bone that is suitable for the installation of dental implants. Most of these patients are not candidates for any dental implant. However, we can grow bone where you need it. This will allow you to get the aesthetic appearance and functionality that you have been looking for.

Wisdom Teeth

Dentists in Bridgeport, CT.27 AMYour third molars are also called “wisdom teeth” which are the last teeth that will erupt within your mouth. If your gum tissue is quite healthy and these teeth are aligned properly, you need not have these teeth removed. However, this situation doesn’t happen in many occasions. When these teeth cannot properly erupt within your moth, they have to be extracted by a dentist.

Impacted Teeth Exposure

Impacted teeth are those that are “stuck” not being able to erupt into any kind of function at all. This is the case for many third molar teeth out there. When stuck in the back of your jaw, these teeth can develop many painful infections and many other health issues. Since wisdom teeth have rarely any vital function to perform within your mouth, they are commonly extracted.

Facial Trauma

Unique skill sets are required to treat facial injuries properly. Your Bridgeport oral surgeon, who must be specialized in facial trauma surgery, must be very well-verse in acute treatment, emergency care and long-term rehabilitation and reconstruction. This is important not only for your physical needs but for you emotional ones. Your Bridgeport oral surgeon must have special training in these areas.

Jaw Surgery

Whether your teeth don’t fit with your jaws or they just don’t meet properly, you need orthognathic surgery. This kind of surgery will reposition your misaligned jaw straightening your teeth with orthodontics. As a result, your teeth will function properly meeting correctly at all times, which will improve your facial appearance right away. If your lower and upper jaws grow at a different rate, you might have many problems such as speech issues and bad breath.

Facial Enhancement

Whether your jaw is positioned incorrectly or you suffer from improper bite, you need a facial enhancement procedure. Patients suffering from breathing problems, protruding jaw, open bite, chronic TMJ or jaw pain and sleep problems need to get a facial enhancement in no time. We might use X-rays so that we can give you the complete examination you deserve, and you can ask any question you want.

Oral Pathology

You have a coral-pink, smooth skin inside your mouth. An alteration of this skin’s appearance might be a warning sign that something wrong is happening to you. Oral cancer can be the result of this situation. You might have an oral pathology if you have a sore that just fails to heal bleeding easily, or if you have some reddish patches in your mouth. A self-examination of your problem can be done monthly if you want to.

Sleep Apnea

Patients with sleep apnea suffer from low levels of blood oxygen and disrupted sleep. This ailment will suck your tongue against the back of your throat both stopping air flow and blocking your upper airway. This situation can also lead to many cardiovascular issues as well as depression, loss of concentration and too much daytime sleepiness. Your oral surgeon will work hard to recognize these symptoms seeking the right solution.

Cleft Palate and Lip

Some areas of your face can develop individually rejoining together over time, including the right and left sides of your mouth’s roof and lips. A cleft will be produced when sections just don’t meet or some parts don’t join properly. You need your normal lip because this limp is important for you to perform many sounds during speed as well as for sucking. When a child is just 10 years old, a cleft lip surgery tends to be performed.